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Double Sheet Detectors
dpd1.jpg (5051 Byte) Double Sheet Detectors 1
general , for sheet working
and- processing machines
Double Sheet Detectors 2 special for canmakers and other thin sheet workers
PCB- /Cu Double Panel Detectors
special for PCB (printed circuits boards) manufacturers
Sheet Thickness Gauges

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Sheet Thickness Meter
with digital readout
Units for Canmakers

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Double Sheet Detector
Double End Detector
Sheet Thickness Meter / Gauge
Can Line Sensors
Lacquer / Coating Sensor
Special Sensors         
ms01.jpg (3071 Byte) Special Sensors
Metal Discrimination/ Classification Sensor
(Thermo-) Bimetal Sensor
Seam-/ Butt joint Sensor
Blister Pack Sensor
Position Sensor
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