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Doublesheetdetectors 3 Application examples 
Fig. 1 Shows the use of singlesided sensors on a sheet destacker that destacks rounded sheets.
Fig. 1 (Details)

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In fig. 2 touchless, bothsided dual- head sensors watch a sheet loader for steel- and aluminium sheets on a sheet processing machine.
Fig. 2 (Details)

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Fig. 3 Explains the use of a double sheet detektor on a rollforming machine. The forming rolls are protected against double sheet demages.
Fig. 3 (Details)

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Fig. 4 Here perforated aluminium sheets are destacked automatically and monitored by a singleside double sheet sensor.
Fig. 4 (Details)

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Abb. 5 A robot feeds a bending machine with sheets. A double sheet detector with bothsided, touchless sensors watches the destacking process.


Fig. 5 (Details)

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